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Laboratory Microscopes

Evident laboratory microscopes are ideally suited for the study of bodily fluids, such as blood. Our lab microscopes are designed with comfort in mind, featuring ergonomic designs and easy-to-operate functionality for extended lab use. Explore our complete range of laboratory microscopes below.

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Laboratory Microscopes

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Microscope système manuel


  • Éclairage LED révélant les couleurs naturelles
  • Gestionnaire d’intensité lumineuse
  • Permet une gestion aisée du contraste
Microscope biologique


  • Conception ergonomique
  • Idéal pour les utilisations diversifiées
  • Système d’éclairage à LED à longue durée de vie
Microscope biologique


  • Conception ergonomique
  • Système d’éclairage à DEL à longue durée de vie

Laboratory Microscope FAQs

What is a laboratory microscope?

A laboratory microscope is used in the imaging and analysis of bodily fluids, such as blood. Similar to clinical microscopes, lab microscopes are used in medical research, pathology, and other fields that involve the routine inspection of bodily fluids.

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