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Welcome to the Olympus Microscopy Resource Center digital video gallery, featuring animated videos of specimens from our library of full-motion and time-lapse videos. The digital videos are streamed using Adobe Flash Player. Digital videos may also be downloaded as *.MPEG files directly to your computer's hard drive for local playback.

Currently, our digital library features streaming videos from three galleries. The confocal gallery contains time-lapse live-cell imaging of various stained structures of multiple cell types demonstrating cell motility. Our chemical crystallization gallery contains time-lapse cinemicrography sequences that capture the crystallization, dissolution, sublimation, or melting of purified chemicals either in the solid form or dissolved in a suitable solvent. The pond life gallery features full-motion videos of minute creatures found in North Florida's ponds and lakes. Included are a wide diversity of organisms such as hydra, protozoa, rotifera, nematodes, and crustaceans. Use the links below to navigate to the digital video galleries.

Confocal Microscopy Digital Video Gallery

Live-Cell Imaging

The performance of any optical imaging instrument is perhaps best judged by the quality of the images produced. This gallery contains digital videos captured with the FV300 and FV1000 under a variety of experimental conditions and scanning modes. In several cases, the raw optical section data has been processed by deconvolution, three-dimension volume rendering, and other related techniques.

Compound Microscope Video Galleries

Chemical Crystals

Chemical compounds can exist in three basic phases, gaseous, liquid, or solid. Gases consist of weakly bonded atoms and expand to fill any available space. Solids are characterized by strong atomic bonding and have a rigid shape. Most are crystalline, having a three-dimensional periodic atomic arrangement. Some, such as glass, lack this periodic arrangement and are noncrystalline, or amorphous. Liquids have characteristics that fall in between gases and solids. This cinemicrographic collection presents time-lapse videos of various chemical compounds as they change physical states.

Pond Life

Freshwater ponds provide a home for a wide variety of aquatic and semi-aquatic plants, insects, and animals. The vast majority of pond inhabitants, however, are invisible until viewed under the microscope. Beneath the placid surface of any pond is a microscopic metropolis bustling with activity as tiny bizarre organisms pursue their lives; locomoting, eating, trying not to be eaten, excreting, and reproducing. In this collection of digital videos, observe the activities of microscopic organisms taken from a typical North Florida pond.

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