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Welcome to the Olympus Learning Center

Our resources support both beginners and experts who use Olympus life science solutions in their everyday work and experiments. Find all the content you need to properly use our advanced instruments in your research.

Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts is your one-stop portal for life science microscopy questions. Join experts on live webinars to discuss trending topics, or contact them anytime with your questions and challenges. Watch sessions you may have missed or listen again.

Scientific Articles

Find out how our microscopes, whole slide scanners, digital microscope cameras, cell culture equipment, and other life science solutions are being used in the field. Use the search bar or filter the results to easily find articles of interest.

Microscopy Resource Center

Learn basic and advanced microscopy concepts in our Microscopy Resource Center. From in-depth definitions and explanations to specialized techniques, find a range of content to improve your understanding of microscopy.


Olympus Microscope Museum

See how our microscopes have evolved over 100 years into advanced imaging systems. From our first microscope in 1920 to the arrival of digital microscope cameras in the late 20th century, explore key Olympus innovations and milestones.

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