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30 Setembro, 2014

Desenvolvimento da tecnologia de superresolução FV-OSR para uma resolução de microscópio de até 120 nm (aproximadamente)

Olympus Corporation (President: Hiroyuki Sasa) today announced the development of FV-OSR*1, a new super resolution technology from its Scientific Solutions Business, This unique technology is used in conjunction with the FLUOVIEW FV1200 biological confocal laser scanning microscope to enable observation of smaller features than is possible using the microscope on its own.
 *1 Olympus Super Resolution

Confocal laser scanning microscopes perform 3D imaging with high resolution, obtaining depth-axis information by blocking light from locations other than the focal point. Because of their ability to provide a 3D view of detailed cell structure, the microscopes are widely used for elucidating the role and function of proteins, nerves, and other components in life science research work such as drug discovery and applications in new fields.

Microscope observations have a certain resolution*2 (a measure of how finely features can be observed), which in the case of conventional optical microscopes is around 200 nm. However, confocal microscopes have a "super resolution component" that is theoretically capable of exceeding this limit. By combining digital technology with our core optical technology built up over many years, Olympus has successfully developed FV-OSR, a technology that can make this super resolution component visible. When used in conjunction with the FLUOVIEW FV1200 biological confocal laser scanning microscope (an existing product), this new technology makes it possible to observe features in greater detail than is possible using the microscope on its own, with a maximum resolution of 120 nm (approx.).

Olympus will also release the FV10-OSRASW Super Resolution Imaging License on September 30, 2014 to provide software for using the new technology on the FLUOVIEW FV1200. Super resolution observations can be made by using this software and the FV12-HSD high-sensitivity detector (an existing product) with the FLUOVIEW FV1200 to boost its resolution.
 *2 Ability to distinguish between two observed points (the shortest distance by which two points can be separated and still be individually distinguished).

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