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2 Dezembro, 2015

O software CKX-CCSW da Olympus oferece contagens de células rápidas e precisas para medições de confluência durante a cultura de células

Olympus’ new CKX-CCSW confluency check software automatically counts the number of cells and measures cell confluence in a culture vessel, simplifying the cell culture workflow and ensuring reliable quality with quantitative cell growth data. 

In applications such as stem cell research and regenerative medicine, checking the density of cells growing in a culture vessel is important for monitoring the health of cultures and to accurately time the transfer of cells to a new vessel to prevent overgrowth. The CKX-CCSW software makes this process easier than ever through fast and accurate cell counts and consistent confluency measurements. Traditionally, cells are manually counted under a microscope. These results are used to roughly estimate confluency, however, this method is time intensive and imprecise. The CKX-CCSW automates and simplifies this process. Used with a camera-equipped life science microscope, the CKX-CCSW software utilizes Olympus’ exclusive cell counting algorithm to accurately count cells in a culture vessel, saving time and creating a record of quantifiable cell growth data that can be used to accurately predict when cells will outgrow the vessel so that they can be subcultured.

The new CKX-CCSW software counts cells using images obtained with a microscope, removing the need for researchers to open the culture vessel or pipette the sample, which reduces the risk of contamination and, in turn, of ruined experiments. In addition, since the software works so quickly, cell cultures only need to be removed from the incubator for a short time, minimizing culture temperature fluctuations.

The CKX-CCSW combines powerful software with an easy to use interface so that users with minimal training can acquire accurate, reproducible cell count data. The data can be saved and exported as a CSV file for archiving or further analysis. Quantitative data is important for accurately predicting when a cell culture needs to be subcultured and for documenting experiments. The count data are easily paired with associated cell culture images for comprehensive recording, simplifying lab processes and analysis.

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