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Welcome to Ask the Experts, your one-stop portal for life science microscopy queries. Join our experts on live webinars to discuss trending topics, or contact our experts at any time with your questions and challenges. Missed a webinar? No problem, you can listen again. Don’t see a topic you’d like to discuss? Use our feedback form or contact our experts directly for help.

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Think Deep, See Deeper with Near-Infrared Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

Manager, Product and Application at Olympus Singapore
Business Development Manager, Life Science
Always wanted to have more fluorescent markers in your sample? Wanted to image deeper into the sample at high-resolution? Wanted to do live cell imaging with minimal phototoxicity?

Digital Image Processing: Point- and Local Operation Filters

Senior Trainer, Training Academy
Senior Product and Strategy Planner and Product Manager
Images taken with a light microscope are never true representations of the specimen; there are always sources of error that have to be controlled. This webinar focuses on what can be done to deal with sources of error.

Live cell super resolution imaging: The big picture of small things

Product Manager, Life Science Microscopy
Business Development Manager, Life Science
In this webinar, Lauren and Chunsong will discuss ways to make it easier to create super resolution images.
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