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1. General

This software will update the DP2-BSW Ver.2.1 to Ver.2.2 (Build 6212).

  • To check your current version of DP2-BSW, start the DP2-BSW and Click [Help]-[About]-[System info...]. You can see your version in [Application]-[Product Version].

2. Software Modifications

  • Main modifications of the DP2-BSW Ver.2.2(Build 6212)
    • The drawing object, measurement object, scale bar and information stamp was able to be automatically written in images when the image was saved automatically.
    • After executing information writing for 48 bit RGB color image, the display became correct.
    • Regarding images which the color space is AdobeRGB, the preview was displayed correctly when the [Combine Color Images] dialog was displayed.

3. Installation Procedure

  1. Before installation
  2. Download
    • Please enter all the required (*) fields below in order to download the software.
    • Select the file you want to download from the right side of the page.
      * Download file name: [DP2BSW0202.exe] (577MB)
      * Serial number is the alphanumeric characters indicated on your DP20 camera head or DP25 camera head or DP70,71,72 camera head. (See the figures below.) The number printed here is the serial number.

  3. Installation procedure
    • Double click on the file "DP2BSW0202.exe" you saved in the procedure 2 to open it.
    • The installer will start. According to the installer instructions, carry on installation.
    • About detail of installation, please see here.

    • * The software cannot be installed unless the user account is registered as a "Computer Administrator".
      If the user account is registered as a "Restricted Account", change it to a "Computer Administrator" account.
      (For the user account registration, refer to the instruction manual for your PC.)
  4. Verification of version
    • When the installation is complete, start the DP2-BSW and click [Help]-[About]-[System info...].
      If you see "Ver.2.2" in the [Application]-[Product Version], the installation is properly completed.
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