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Solutions-Based Microscopy


The process of discovery can be challenging, but our IXplore systems are designed to help by providing solutions-based packages that eliminate the guesswork while also offering significant savings.

Spinning Disk Confocal Super Resolution Microscope


Designed for live cell imaging with 120-nanometer resolution, the Olympus IXplore SpinSR10 super resolution imaging system balances speed, resolution, and efficiency in a single, flexible platform.

System Microscope


The new BX53 microscope features a high luminosity LED system with excellent color rendering performance that provides brightness and color reproduction equal to or better than that of a 100 W halogen lamp. Bright, sharp images can be obtained without additional neutral density or daylight filters. The high luminosity LED can be used to configure multi-head discussion systems for up to 26 people.

Confocal laser scanning microscope

FV3000 Series

The next generation confocal laser scanning microscope FLUOVIEW FV3000  is designed to meet some of the greatest challenges in modern science. With the high sensitivity and speed required for live cell and tissue imaging and the ease of use and flexibility required for microplate imaging and complex screening protocols, FV3000 brings complete workflows from live cell 2D-4D imaging through image processing such as deconvolution, and analysis.

Automated Cell Counter

Cell Counter model R1

The Cell Counter model R1 automated cell counter is designed to reduce workloads and standardize the cell counting process. Its unique software algorithm provides accurate counting results for a variety of cell types. This portable instrument equipped with user-friendly touchscreen provides reliable result throughout the cell culture workflow and accelerates the cell culture process in a matter of seconds.

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