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Olympus was founded as a microscope company and continues to support cutting-edge scientific discoveries by developing new microscope imaging technology. With over 100 years of optical experience, we offer a wide range of high-performance microscopes along with accessories to enhance your system. Equip your laboratory with the latest microscope cameras, software, objectives, and cell culture equipment to enable better experiments. 



As a leading manufacturer of optical and digital microscopes, Olympus offers a range of microscope systems designed for the most challenging life science research, as well as routine laboratory work, training, and education. Discover upright, stereo, inverted, confocal, multiphoton, and super resolution microscope systems with excellent optics for precision imaging. Find models suited for specific observation methods, such as brightfield, darkfield, and fluorescence. 

Optics & Accessories


Olympus offers microscope objectives for almost every digital imaging need. See our specialized objectives for a variety of applications, such as tissue culture observations, laboratory work, cell culture monitoring, multiphoton imaging, and confocal/super resolution microscopy. Discover objectives suited for fluorescence, brightfield, phase contrast, polarization, and more observation methods. Advance your research with our X Line high-performance objectives.



Olympus microscope cameras provide sharp, clear images and accurate color reproduction. Explore our color and monochrome cameras designed for a range of microscope observation methods, such as brightfield, fluorescence, and near-infrared imaging. Our high-performance cameras can enable real-time confocal imaging, fluorescent live cell imaging, bioluminescence imaging of gene expression, and more.



Olympus offers a variety of software packages for life science experiments. Our software is designed to connect the dots, creating an intuitive and efficient workflow personalized to your application. Improve productivity and save time today with cellSens imaging software or CKX-CCSW cell confluency checker. 

Cell Culture and Cell Monitoring Solutions

Cell Culture and Cell Monitoring Solutions

Cell culture just got smarter. Olympus cell culture equipment is designed to streamline your workflow and accelerate the cell culture process. Check out our cell culture microscopes, cell counting software, and remote cell culture monitoring solutions to turn a time-consuming process into a simple workflow.

OEM Components for Integration

OEM Components

Olympus is a leading manufacturer and supplier of OEM optical components and parts that integrate into larger microscope system designs, helping equipment engineers reduce product development time and costs. Shop high-precision optical parts like objective lenses and tube lens units, as well as microscope frames, modules, and motorized assemblies. Olympus can also design and manufacture custom objectives and optical assemblies. 

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