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Objective Glossary

W.D. Working Distance
MAG Objective Magnification
OFN Objective Field Number, or Field-of-View Number 
NA Numerical Aperture
IM Immersion Medium 
T-BF Brightfield (Transmitted)
R-BF Brightfield (Reflected)
T-DF Darkfield (Transmitted) 
R-DF Darkfield (Reflected)
T-DIC Differential Interference Contrast (Transmitted)
R-DIC Differential Interference Contrast (Reflected)
PH Phase Contrast
RC Relief Contrast
PO Polarization
FL Fluorescence (B, G Excitation)
UV UV Fluorescence (at 365 nm)
IR Infrared
MPE Multiphoton
TIRF Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy

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