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Darkfield Microscopy Digital Image Gallery

The Olympus Microscopy Resource Center gallery of darkfield illumination photomicrography contains a wide spectrum of images taken under a variety of conditions and utilizing many different specimens. Included in this unique gallery are specimens ranging from simple diatoms to fossilized dinosaur bones, insects, Moon rocks, and integrated circuits. Use the links below to navigate to the individual entries in the gallery.

  • TitleArachnoidiscus
  • TitleBasswood
  • TitleButterfly Wings
  • TitleCentipede Head
  • TitleThe Con Artist
  • TitleDinosaur Fossil
  • TitleDictydium cancellatum
  • TitleThe Dream
  • TitleFlea Head
  • TitleInsect Antenna
  • TitleLapis Lazuli
  • TitleLiquid Crystalline DNA
  • TitleMink Fur
  • TitleApollo 11 Moon Rock
  • TitleMosquito Head
  • TitlePoly Benzimidazole
  • TitleQuasicrystals
  • TitleSawdust
  • TitleSilkworm Larva

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