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Dissecting Microscopes

Also known as stereo microscopes, dissecting microscopes provide clear 3D views and enable the easy manipulation of specimens and samples, making them ideal for performing dissections. Evident dissecting microscopes are designed with comfort in mind; their ergonomic features enable hours of comfortable observation while performing dissections. Learn everything you need to know about dissecting microscopes to help you find the best microscope solution for your dissection needs.

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Dissecting microscope

Dissecting Microscopes

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Stéréomicroscope à zoom


Obtenez des résultats reproductibles et précis avec cette gamme de stéréomicroscopes à zoom. Optimisé pour une recherche de routine confortable, chaque système est doté d’oculaires antifatigue, d’un statif à DEL universel offrant un accès facile à l’échantillon et d’un système optique Greenough assurant une excellente planéité de l’image. Les plages de grossissement vont de 6,7 à 45x pour le système SZ61 et de 8 à 40x pour le système SZ51 (les deux avec des oculaires 10X).

  • Modèle compact assurant une grande fidélité des couleurs et conçu avec des matériaux et des revêtements antistatiques
  • Grands rapports de zoom (6,7:1/5:1)
  • Éclairage à DEL plat haute luminosité
Système de stéréomicroscope


Le stéréomicroscope SZX7 est un système économique conçu pour un confort optimal et une imagerie de haute qualité pour les sciences de la vie. Ses composants optiques à haute fidélité chromatique et son système optique galiléen contribuent à ses excellentes performances d’imagerie. Son grand rapport de zoom de 7:1 procure une plage de grossissement de 8x à 56x avec un objectif 1X et de jusqu’à 112x avec un objectif 2X. L’éclairage à DEL réfléchi/transmis est intégré à sa base mince et ouverte pour un accès facile aux échantillons.

  • Modèle économique
  • Grand rapport de zoom (7:1) et vue naturelle de l’échantillon avec une grande fidélité chromatique
  • Système modulaire ; intègre facilement une caméra numérique pour microscope pour une meilleure qualité d’image

Dissecting Microscope Uses

SZX7 microscope

Dissecting microscopes enable greater control in the manipulation of the specimen, making them useful in a range of fields in which dissecting is needed. Dissecting microscopes are commonly used in the following fields:

Forensic Science

With their long working distance and wide field of view, dissecting microscopes are often used in forensic analysis and the examination of evidence such as hair, fibers, fingerprints, surface markings, and bullet fragments.

Surgical Applications

Dissecting microscopes are often used in medical laboratories for surgical procedures and research. They enable researchers to precisely manipulate and view specimens such as small organisms, organs, and tissues.

Education and Labs

Dissecting microscopes are largely used in school laboratories to study insects and other samples before and during dissections.

Considerations for Choosing a Dissecting Microscope

While dissecting microscopes are suited to a wide range of applications, not all dissecting microscopes are the same. It’s important to consider for what purpose you’ll be using your microscope when selecting the ideal scope for you. Here are some key considerations you should keep in mind when selecting a dissecting microscope:

  • Is your biggest priority working distance, magnification, field of view, resolution, illumination, or depth of filed? Evident’s range of dissection microscopes offers something for every need. Explore our selection to find the microscope that meets your specific criteria.
  • Is your microscope purely for dissection, or do you need to document your work along the way? If you need to document your observations, explore Evident’s microscope cameras to find compatible options for your dissection microscope.

  • Is your dissecting microscope to be used by one person or many people? If more than one person will be using the microscope, it is best to find an option that enables ergonomic adjustments to help ensure comfort for all users.

Dissecting Microscope FAQs 

What is a dissecting microscope?

A dissecting microscope is another term for a stereo microscope that is often used for laboratory research and the dissecting of specimens.

What are dissecting microscopes used for?

Dissecting microscopes are used across a range of fields, including forensic science, surgical applications, medical research, and education.

What are the benefits of a dissecting microscope?

Dissecting microscopes use two different lenses to produce clear 3D images of samples. Additionally, these microscopes provide a wide field of view and a long working distance, making them ideal for manipulating specimens before and during dissections.

Explore our complete range of dissecting microscopes to find the option that fits your needs.

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