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When research started to focus on quantifying cell contents, researchers turned to spectrophotometry to identify the substances involved. The mirror objective (MO) lens was developed for such spectrophotometric applications. The MSP microspectrophotometer using an MO lens was launched by Olympus in 1954. The company also launched the DMSP double-beam microspectrophotometer that could simultaneously correct and measure optical wavelength characteristics. Both the MSP and DMSP were used in cutting-edge biological and medical research.

Olympus then started working on microscopes for spectrophotometric applications in industry, as well as biology and medicine. The company launched the MMSP multiphotometric microscope in 1971. The MMSP was used for medical applications such as DNA quantification within the cell or industrial applications such as evaluating spectral characteristics of stripe filters used in color TVs. The subsequent OSP series used the BH2 and IMT2 basic microscope body and was launched in 1989.
Today, Olympus does not market spectrophotometric or photometric microscopes. However, the company's expertise accumulated in its development work—in weak light detectors and spectral characteristic evaluation—is used in its cutting-edge hemoanalyzers, LCD glass test systems, and laser microscopes.

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