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Introduction to the APEXVIEW™ APX100 Digital Imaging System

Join our webinar for an exclusive virtual demo of the APEXVIEW APX100 digital imaging system. Experience the combination of world-class optics and advanced technology in a user-friendly, all-in-one microscope. Discover the power of the Smart Sample Navigator, an AI-driven feature that effortlessly locates and positions your samples for quick, high-quality imaging. With an intuitive interface, built-in anti-vibration technology, and fast autofocus, the APX100 system works to elevate your research experience. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the future of multidimensional microscope imaging in just a few clicks!




APEXVIEW APX100デジタルイメージングシステムでは、高画質の顕微鏡画像をすぐ簡単に取得できます。独自の光学系、直感的なユーザーインターフェース、強力なAI、一連のスマート機能で構築されたAPX100システムは、オールインワン顕微鏡の使いやすさと高画質データを同時に実現し、研究ニーズに応えます。

  • 簡単な操作で効率的なイメージング
  • 効率的でも妥協のない高画質
  • 効率的かつ効果的なデータ管理
Dr. Laura Lleras Forero
Product Marketing Manager

Laura Lleras Forero is the product marketing manager for cell culture products at Evident. She completed her PhD at King’s College London and undertook postdocs in Utrecht, Berlin, and Münster. She has been with Evident since 2021, supporting cell culture microscopy solutions, the SLIDEVIEW™ VS200 research slide scanner, and the APEXVIEW™ APX100 all-in-one microscope for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Introduction to the APEXVIEW™ APX100 Digital Imaging System2024年5月17日
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