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Every Olympus optics and microscope accessory helps break down optical barriers, enabling you to adapt your system to your needs. Our leading-edge microscopy equipment accessories include objectives, optics, and light sources. Our vast range of Olympus high-performance objective solutions—including silicone oil objectives—enable reliable, precise imaging for a wide array of applications, such as brightfield and fluorescence microscopy. Our microscope optics solutions include Olympus mirror units for highly efficient detection of fluorescent light and high-contrast imaging for detailed cell observation. Our microscope accessories, such as low autofluorescence immersion oil and stage and eyepiece micrometers, are used in a variety of microscopy applications.

Reliable light sources are a must in optical microscopy. Olympus microscopy equipment accessories include stereo microscope lighting and fluorescence light sources, offering ergonomic illumination solutions for all your microscopy needs. Explore the full range of Olympus optics and microscope accessories and leverage their capabilities to enable your equipment to do more.


Optics and Microscope Accessories



From silicone oil objectives that allow for long-term time-lapse imaging to a wide range of objectives optimized for clearing techniques like CLARITY, SeeDB, SCALEVIEW and the new PACT, RIMS and PARS with imaging up to 8mm depths, Olympus is innovating high-performance objective solutions to meet your microscopy needs.

Mirror Units


Olympus mirror units offer high-sensitivity fluorescence detection for bright, high-contrast imaging with minimal exposure of the cells to the excitation light. The mirror units are designed with an outstanding filter coating technology in order to produce high transmissions, sharp cut-offs and efficient detection of fluorescence emission.


Light Sources

Olympus provides a wide variety of light sources which are optimized to your brightfield or fluorescence imaging applications.

Optics and Microscope Accessory Resource Videos

X Line High-Performance Objectives Introduction

Olympus X Line objectives have revolutionized lens design. Discover more about the range in this introductory video.

Silicone Oil Immersion Objectives for Live Cell Imaging

This video demonstrates the Olympus silicone oil immersion objectives, which allow you to see live cells more clearly and deeply.

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