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Create a Smarter Cell Culture Workflow

In this webinar, expert Joanna Hawryluk explores how the OLYMPUS Provi™ CM20 incubation monitoring system can help improve the health and stability of cell cultures through machine learning. With the aid of AI, the CM20 monitor automatically measures cell conditions using constant analysis parameters to provide quantitative data—all while your cultures remain safely in the incubator.

Learn how the CM20 monitor can optimize the cell culture workflow with:

  • Remote monitoring of cell cultures from a PC or tablet
  • Multipoint monitoring in a vessel for quantitative data about the health of cultures
  • AI-driven analysis parameters to create a more consistent workflow throughout the lab
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Joanna Hawryluk
Product Manager

Joanna Hawryluk is a product manager for Olympus Corporation of the Americas located in Waltham, MA. She has been with Olympus since 2017 within the Marketing department specializing in our 3D cell analysis software, lightsheet microscopy, electrophysiology, and our cell culture monitoring system. Dr. Hawryluk received her doctorate degree in Physiology and Neurobiology in 2016 from the University of Connecticut.

Create a Smarter Cell Culture Workflow2023년6월8일
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