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Improve and streamline your cell culture processes with Olympus’ innovative cell culture and cell monitoring equipment. At Olympus, we offer equipment to support processes through a range of cell culture analysis stages, including cell culture microscopes and cell monitoring equipment and software. Explore automated cell culture monitoring systems with software for fast, accurate data collection and analysis; ergonomic cell culture analysis microscope solutions with inversion contrast (IVC) techniques for 3D viewing.

At Olympus, we’re your partner in discovery. Our high-contrast microscopes will provide improved image quality, while efficient cell culture analysis equipment and data management solutions allow you to view comprehensive report results at a glance. Together, our cell analysis equipment delivers a streamlined workflow for a variety of cell culture needs. 


Cell Culture and Cell Monitoring Solutions

배양 모니터링 시스템


  • 정량 데이터 자동 측정
  • PC 또는 태블릿에서 원격으로 배양 진행 상황 모니터링
  • 소형 디자인용 사선 에피 조명을 갖춤
소형의 인체공학적 세포 배양 솔루션


  • 중심 조정이 필요 없는 위상차
  • 반전 대비(IVC) 기술이 선명한 3D 보기를 제공합니다.
  • 3위치 슬라이더를 사용한 형광

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Cell Culture FAQs

What are cell culture solutions in biology?

When discussing cell cultures in biology and the life sciences, we are referring to a process in which cells are grown in a controlled environment and under controlled conditions. Cell culture solutions and cell culture monitoring solutions enable users to carry out a simple, efficient, and reproducible cell culture process. Cell culture solutions help to streamline the workflow, while expert software provides quantitative records and robust quality control throughout the cell culture process.

Cell Culture Solutions Resource Videos

CM20 Incubation Monitoring System Introduction

The Olympus incubation monitoring system provides quantitative data remotely. Find out more about this innovative cell culture monitoring equipment in this video.

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