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Olympus macro zoom microscopes offer cutting-edge performance for the most demanding fields of research, allowing you to expand your vision in life sciences. Zoom microscopes with maximum fluorescence efficiency plus stereo observation mean full flexibility for researchers who are looking to bridge the gap between macro and micro observation. Our macro zoom microscopes provide users with brightness, resolution, and precision for a variety of application needs.
A macro zoom microscope from Olympus offers a large-diameter, single-zoom optical path optimized for extremely high resolution at broad magnification zoom range to resolve fine details within organs, tissues, and cells. Outstanding contrast capabilities mean clear observation of even the faintest fluorescent signals, allowing seamless cell observation with up to 31x zoom. From fluorescence observation of whole organisms at low magnification to detailed analysis of genes at the cellular level with high magnification, Olympus macro zoom microscopes help you to see it all.


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매크로 줌 형광 현미경 시스템


매크로 줌 MVX10 현미경’의 혁신적인 단일 줌 광로는 고해상도에서 최적화된 효율성을 통해 빛을 수집하여 모든 배율에서 밝은 매크로 형광 이미징을 제공합니다.2안 회전 대물렌즈대 및 동초점 대물렌즈는 최대 31배 줌을 통해 4배에서 125배까지 연속적으로 관찰할 수 있습니다. 

  • 최대 형광 효율 및 입체적 관찰
  • 최소 자가 형광의 최적화된 고 개구수 광학 부품
  • 최대 31배 줌을 통한 연속적인 관찰(4배에서 125배까지)

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Macro Zoom Microscope Resources

Fluorescence Macro Zoom MVX10 Brochure

A true macro zoom fluorescence imaging system. In this downloadable brochure, you can find everything you need to know about the MVX10 macro zoom microscope.


Download (PDF, 1.43 MB)


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