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Olympus Collaborates with the Tokyo Medical and Dental University to Test a Next-Gen Digital Data Management Solution
The digital solution enables researchers to archive, organize and share data from the Olympus CM20 incubation monitoring system
The Art of Science: Olympus Launches Second Global Image of the Year Award
Olympus has launched its second Global Image of the Year Life Science Light Microscopy Award, recognizing the best in life science imaging worldwide.
Olympus and Cytosurge Collaborate to Deliver a Complete Single-Cell and CRISPR Genetic Manipulation Solution in the Americas
The FluidFM® BOT BIO Series combines Olympus’ renowned optics with Cytosurge’s cell manipulation expertise
Olympus scanR High-Content Screening Station v. 3.2 Brings Improved Image Quality with Award-Winning* X Line Objectives
The scanR version 3.2 delivers improved image quality, better quantitative data, support for challenging segmentation and classification applications and increased speed to help life science researchers maximize the information they get from their samples.
USC-Olympus Partnership in Multiscale Bioimaging Furthers Precision Medicine
Olympus Imaging Systems Empower Next-Generation Cancer Research at USC’s Ellison Institute
Next-Generation Microscopy Image Analysis with Deep-Learning Technology
Olympus cellSens imaging software improves the efficiency of your research with accurate object detection and segmentation
Olympus Announces the 2019 Global Image of the Year Award Winners
The award recognizes the best in light microscopy imaging worldwide
Innovative Incubation Monitoring System with Cell Count and Confluency Analysis to Improve the Regenerative Medicine Workflow
Track the health of cell cultures without removing them from the incubator
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