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The Tissue-Tek Xpress® x120 enables fast and continuous tissue processing, delivering standardized, high-quality results that are compatible with IHC and molecular pathology techniques.



  • Continuous magazine loading every 20 minutes
  • The x Series are pre-programmed with two rapid protocols: standard and extended
  • The x Series reagents are prepackaged in containers that are placed directly onto the instrument
  • Tissue-Tek Xpress proprietary reagents are formalin- and xylene-free


  • Provides a steady flow of processed tissues for embedding
  • Enables continuous, rapid processing of both biopsy and larger tissue
  • Makes exchanging reagents fast, simple, and error-free by eliminating reagent dilution, pouring, or placement mistakes
  • Allows for a greener work environment by eliminating exposure to harsh chemicals and reducing waste
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Workflow Benefit:

  • Work in a standardized way for high-quality processed tissue
  • The Xpress x120 allows continuous loading, streamlining your laboratory's workflow
  • Fast processing and shorter turnaround times—compatible with IHC and molecular pathology
  • Enables same-day diagnosis, helping reduce patient stay and anxiety

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