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1 Outubro, 2015

O novo compensador de desvio Z motorizado IX3-ZDC2 da Olympus e o software cellSens versão 1.14 melhoram a análise e o fluxo de trabalho de formação de imagem de células vivas

Olympus announces the new IX3-ZDC2 Z drift compensator and updated cellSens version 1.14 software. These new products enhance the already diverse customization options for Olympus’ advanced inverted research microscopes and provide important tools for conducting live cell research.

The IX3-ZDC2 Z drift compensator is designed to work with the IX83 microscope. In live cell imaging applications, the compensator uses a minimally phototoxic, near-infrared laser to ensure that samples remain in focus despite focal drift. During long-term time-lapse experiments, the IX3-ZDC2 helps produce images that are clear and sharp.

The new cellSens v. 1.14 further enhances the IX83 by providing improved archiving functionality. Images are seamlessly filed to a structured database for efficient data acquisition and reporting. Together, the IX3-ZDC2 and cellSens v. 1.14 facilitate live cell imaging of multi-well culture plates and provide a more efficient and seamless workflow from image capture to measurement, analysis, and report creation.

The IX3-ZDC2 and cellSens v. 1.14 have the following new features:


  • Rapid focus for high-speed imaging of a 96-well microplate in approximately two minutes.
  • Compatibility with cost-effective plastic bottom dishes.
  • As much as 4X faster than the previous unit at finding the focal plane.
  • Supports the use of a larger number of objectives.

cellSens v1.14

  • Fast archiving so all images are readily filed into an easily accessible database.
  • Thumbnail display of archived images for straightforward and efficient viewing and analysis.
An IX3 ZDC2 fitted to an IX83

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