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Olympus offers a wide range of software suitable for advanced imaging systems including laser scanning confocals, multi-photon, spinning disk, super resolution, high content screening and whole slide imaging.

We also provide high quality data analysis software including the latest should either be Artificial Intelligence or artificial intelligence based on deep learning (TruAI), analysis of 3D images with Novisight and High Content Analysis.

Olympus confluency checking software offers fast, precise cell counting, providing you with quantitative growth data to improve your cell culture process.

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  • 模块化成像软件平台
  • 直观的应用程序驱动的用户界面
  • 广泛的功能集,从简单的快照到先进的多维实时实验


  • 无染色培养细胞及融合的测量
  • 降低污染风险
  • 操作快捷简便
  • 利用定量分析提高细胞培养过程的质量


  • 从整体结构到亚细胞水平的3D图像识别
  • 统计学分析
  • 多种分析模板


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Cell Imaging Software Resource Videos

cellSens Software Deep Learning Part 1. Preparing Training Data

Rather than using fluorescence images to detect and count nuclei, deep learning technology can count the nuclei using simple transmitted images, with no staining. This cellSens tutorial video shows you how to use cellSens software’s deep learning technology for label-free nucleus detection.

Confluency Checker Tutorial Video

Olympus cell culture solutions enable you to accelerate your success. This introductory video shows you how to increase the accuracy of cell counting measurements and improve cell culture processes with the Olympus confluency checker microscope software.