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Rat Brain Tissue Sections Digital Image Gallery

The rat brain has served as an excellent model for elucidating the complex anatomy and physiological mechanisms of the human brain. As a result, a significant amount of information on brain diseases, such as dementia and Parkinson's disease, has been determined from investigations using rat brains. Brain tissue has been mapped into dozens of major and hundreds of minor regions that are anatomically and functionally distinct. Individual brain cells segregate into specialized areas by expressing a wide spectrum of specific housekeeping proteins, enzymes, transporters, and receptors. This digital image gallery explores many regions of the rat brain as observed with immunofluorescence in coronal, horizontal, and sagittal thick sections using laser scanning confocal microscopy.

  • TitleAmygdala
  • TitleBlood Vessels
  • TitleCerebellum
  • TitleCerebral Cortex
  • TitleDentate Gyrus
  • TitleHippocampus
  • TitleHypothalamus
  • TitleLateral Ventricle
  • TitleLongitudinal Fissure
  • TitleMedulla Oblongata
  • TitlePons
  • TitleStriatum
  • TitleThalamus
  • TitleThird Ventricle

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