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20 November, 2023

EVIDENT, 89 North and CrestOptics Collaborate to Advance Live-Cell Imaging

Expanded options for confocal spinning-disk systems enable researchers to meet demanding live-cell imaging requirements

WALTHAM Mass., (Nov. 28, 2023) Evident, a premier manufacturer of life science imaging systems, 89 North, a leader in illumination and imaging technology, and CrestOptics, a leader in advanced microscopy systems, announced a collaborative agreement to promote confocal spinning-disk technology to advance live-cell imaging in the Americas.

The technology combines the microscopes and optics from Evident with the spinning-disk confocal platforms from CrestOptics and laser diode illuminators from 89 North. Integrating these leading solutions expands the range of live-cell imaging tools available to researchers and enables customized designs to fit specific needs.

CrestOptics’ solutions feature strong optical design and flexibility, so they can be adapted into tailor-made systems to meet demanding imaging requirements. These solutions range from the Cicero, a user-friendly system that introduces researchers to confocal spinning-disk technology, to the X-Light V3, a cutting-edge confocal system designed to meet challenging imaging needs. This range of options complements the high-end IXplore™ SpinSR super-resolution spinning-disk confocal system from Evident.

These spinning-disk units are powered by laser diode illuminators (LDIs) from 89 North. Designed with 89 North’s optical expertise, these fully integrated laser light sources offer enhanced power, stability and flexibility. With an LDI, researchers can access a broad range of fluorescence markers, including the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum, making it a leading choice for live-cell applications.

Evident’s range of inverted and upright microscope frames and world-class optics enable researchers to take full advantage of the systems from CrestOptics and 89 North. These solutions can be tuned to specific research needs, from upgrading a widefield microscope to creating a multimodal system for a wide range of applications.

“We are delighted to collaborate with 89 North and CrestOptics to expand our spinning-disk confocal solutions,” said Lee Wagstaff, the Vice President of Life Science Sales and Marketing at Evident Americas. “These systems complement our portfolio of optics and microscopes, empowering labs and core facilities with a range of tools to expand their live-cell imaging capabilities.”

“Together, we offer comprehensive sales and support for live-cell imaging solutions across the broadest possible range of applications,” said Sean Lin, Director of Sales and Marketing at 89 North. “We are extremely pleased with the strong support and seamless integration that this collaboration will create.”

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At Evident, we are guided by the scientific spirit—innovation and exploration are at the heart of what we do. Committed to making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling, we support our customers with solutions that solve their challenges and advance their work; whether it’s researching medical breakthroughs, inspecting infrastructure or exposing hidden toxins in consumer products.

Evident Life Science empowers scientists and researchers through collaboration and cutting-edge life science solutions. Dedicated to meeting the challenges and supporting the evolving needs of its customers, Evident Life Science advances a comprehensive range of microscopes for pathology, hematology, IVF and other clinical applications as well as for research and education.

Evident Industrial’s solutions range from microscopes and videoscopes to nondestructive testing equipment and X-ray analyzers for maintenance, manufacturing and environmental applications. Backed by state-of-the-art technologies, Evident products are widely used for quality control, inspection and measurement.

For more information, visit EvidentScientific.com.

About 89 North

89 North brings optical engineering know-how from the world’s greatest science labs and puts it to use in pioneering ways across a wide range of industries. Fluorescence has facilitated humankind’s understanding of the cellular world, developing a host of new tools and techniques that allow us to understand the world at a microscopic level, both at its surface and deep within it. 89 North, in combination with its parent company Chroma and the multiple European specialist firms they represent, have pioneered many of these tools, which is why they have become preeminent suppliers and active consultants to the world’s leading research institutions. They apply optical engineering technologies, proven in elite research settings worldwide, to traditional industries. We are transforming the ability of companies to measure, analyze and refine their products with light.

Learn more at 89North.com.

About CrestOptics

CrestOptics S.p.A. is a leading company in the development and manufacture of advanced systems for fluorescence microscopy. Thanks to its strength in R and engineering, CrestOptics specializes in supporting the research community and biotech industry with custom solutions tailored for ever-changing demands, paying special attention to customers’ needs and scientific applications.

Founded in 2011 with a mission to make high-end microscopy technology accessible, CrestOptics quickly achieved the necessary expertise to construct top-tier systems that are indispensable for groundbreaking biological research. In November 2021, Apposite Capital, a specialist international healthcare and life science investor, acquired a majority shareholding in CrestOptics to partner with the management team and CrestOptics employees to accelerate market penetration globally and launch new products. CrestOptics’ products are supported globally by an experienced network of distributors and integrated as OEM components in prestigious and highly complex equipment.

Learn more at CrestOptics.com.


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