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Bioluminescence Imaging System


Enabling the detailed study of photosensitive cells and luminescence probes at high magnification, the LV200 bioluminescence imaging system’s built-in temperature control, humidity, and gas flow protect cultured cells and tissue slices during long-duration observation. The system’s unique optical design enables high-magnification bioluminescence imaging, and its light-tight enclosure shields the sample and optics from external light.

  • Advanced optical design providing high sensitivity
  • Offers higher resolution than typical luminescence microscopy systems
  • Wide range of magnification options available
Live Cell Imaging Microscope System

IXplore Live

Designed to reduce photobleaching and phototoxicity, the IXplore Live system is optimized for physiological experiments involving live cell and tissue observation. Offering precise environmental control and enhanced rigidity, it supports long-term cell viability and stability for time-lapse imaging applications, such as in cancer, stem cell, and brain research.

  • Maintain focus accurately and reliably in time-lapse experiments with TruFocus™ Z-drift compensation system
  • Discover the real morphology of your cells with Olympus silicone immersion optics
  • Real-time controller helps limit cell disturbance, enabling physiologically relevant data

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