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ICSI - How to improve your technique

In this webinar, expert embryologist Nuno Costa-Borges will discuss how current success rates of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) vary - and explore how labs can optimize, evaluate and standardize to provide the best possible quality of treatment.

The webinar will take place on January 26, 10 am CET.

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Dr. Nuno Costa-Borges
Embryologist and Co-founder of Embryotools

Hi, I’m Nuno Costa-Borges, embryologist and co-founder of Embryotools - a company devoted to offering QC tests, training and consulting services to the global IVF community. My 18 years of experience and passion for this field began during my PhD on animal cloning efficiency, and further developed when I joined IVI Barcelona as a clinical embryologist.

Now, as scientific director of Embryotools, I am committed to developing new IVF techniques including maternal spindle transfer for infertility - leading to the world’s first baby via this technique.

ICSI - How to improve your techniqueDec 06 2021
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