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Christopher D. Higgins
Christopher D. Higgins

Christopher D. Higgins

Business Development Manager

Christopher Higgins is the business development manager for life science at Evident. A 24-year veteran of the microscopy field, he has spent much of his career in product management and applications for a wide variety of biological light microscopes used in both research and clinical applications.

In his current position, Chris works directly with researchers and pathologists on the development of new technologies and applications. Images captured with today’s virtual microscope systems tell the stories of not only individual cells but entire tissues, and are vital for research, education and more. Chris believes the next great frontier is preparing whole slide imaging and artificial intelligence analysis to enter its next era as it moves toward acceptance for wider application in the clinical realm.

A member of the Digital Pathology Association, Chris holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami. He is an avid outdoorsman and accomplished nature photographer, and lives in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, USA.

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