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SC100 Color Camera

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The Olympus SC100 high-resolution digital color camera has been developed as a single-shot camera for use in brightfield applications where optimal color reproduction, detail capture and acquisition speed are essential. Through the incorporation of a 10.6 Megapixel CMOS chip, the SC100 camera is able to create detail-rich, high-resolution images, especially when working at low magnifications. Objects of interest within the digital image can be zoomed in on without any loss of clarity, making the SC100 ideal for use in routine documentation within the life science applications. Images can be analyzed on-screen in fine detail, thanks to the high-resolution digital zoom, providing an ergonomic and natural alternative to looking through the eyepieces. Sensitivity can be increased further with the 2x and 4x binning modes, which allow images to be captured in low-light applications, while specific management of the dynamic range removes unwanted noise from the final image. The SC100 digital color camera is completely integrated into the cellSens software for life science imaging. This gives the user complete control over the entire imaging process, with advanced functionality such as automated panoramic imaging and instant extended focal imaging .The SC100 camera is an affordable option for the analysis of in-depth detail, without losing the big picture.

The SC100 is not for clinical diagnostic use.

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