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Digital Microscope Monochrome Cameras

We offer monochrome cameras with various sensors such as CMOS, sCMOS, or EM-CCD. Because of their high sensitivity and broad spectrum range, monochrome cameras are used for flurescence imaging. Choose a camera designed for detecting weak fluorescence, capturing images with a high frame rate, and quantitative measurements that cannot be achieved with color cameras.

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Digital Microscope Monochrome Cameras

Digital Microscope Camera


  • Sensitivity and speed for fluorescence imaging
  • 6.4-megapixel backside illuminated CMOS sensor
  • Cost-effective fluorescence documentation

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Digital Microscope Camera

sCMOS Cameras

  • Extremely fast readout for high speed
  • Designed for applications that demand high resolution
  • High signal-to-noise images for live cell imaging applications
Digital Microscope Camera

EM-CCD Cameras

  • CCD technology for detecting ultra-low light
  • Dedicated, ultrasensitive scientific camera platform
  • Quantifiable and reproducible imaging

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