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19 December, 2019

Olympus and Ultivue Announce Comarketing Agreement for Leading-Edge Fluorescent Multiplexing Solution

Olympus SLIDEVIEW VS200 slide scanner and Ultivue UltiMapper reagents meet the changing needs of the scientific community

Olympus, a premier manufacturer of life science imaging systems and Ultivue, a leading developer of tissue biomarker identification and quantification assays for translational research, have entered into a comarketing agreement. The partnership will provide a comprehensive solution to the scientific community’s increasing need for fluorescent multiplexing.

The recently launched Olympus SLIDEVIEW VS200 automated slider scanner has advanced the field of whole slide imaging with improved optical performance and speed, providing multimodal analysis and a robust solution for fluorescent multiplexing image alignment. When the VS200 slide scanner’s multiplex scan mode is combined with Ultivue’s proprietary InSituPlex DNA barcoding and staining technology, it provides an outstanding user experience for quantitative colocalization analysis in fluorescent whole slide images.

“We are delighted to partner with Ultivue to provide a total solution for multiplexing,” said Lee Wagstaff, Vice President Life Science Sales and Marketing at Olympus Corporation of the Americas. “We have strong confidence in the Ultivue technology, which we view as an important step forward in advancing quantitative labeling and analysis. With the launch of our VS200 slide scanning system and our existing partnership with quantitative image analysis leader Visiopharm, Olympus is now positioned to address the needs of customers throughout their workflow.”

As part of the agreement, Ultivue evaluated both the Olympus VS120 and next-generation VS200 slide scanners to qualify the systems and specific configurations optimized for use with Ultivue’s UltiMapper  kits. Both Olympus scanners had to pass a rigorous evaluation process. Philippe Mourere, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations at Ultivue commented, “We evaluated the Olympus VS120, and it exceeded the high standards for scanner compatibility with our UltiMapper kits. Using the UltiMapper optimized filter set, the scanner produced high-quality images with even illumination, seamless stitching across whole tissue sections, and no observed bleed-through signal. The scanning speed of the VS120 and higher speed of the VS200 slide scanner corresponds to or exceeds the demand of high-throughput users. We are very excited to officially deem the Olympus VS120 and VS200 systems as Ultivue compatible.”

For more information about the Olympus VS200 automated slide scanner, visit olympus-lifescience.com.

For more information about Ultivue products, visit www.ultivue.com

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