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Postponement of the Transfer of all Shares of EVIDENT Corporation from Olympus to Bain Capital
EVIDENT and Ultivue Collaborate to Advance Multiplex Slide Imaging and Spatial Analysis in Translational Research
New Partnership Creates an Automated Anatomic Pathology Slide-Scanning Solution
The Art of Science: EVIDENT Launches Expanded Global Image of the Year Contest
AI-Based Pathology Diagnosis Tool in Development Detects 7 Types of Gastric Cancer
The results show the diagnostic tool in development succeeded in expanding its AI detection to seven types of gastric cancer, highlighting its versatility for a range of pathology applications.
Olympus Agree on Transfer of Evident to Bain Capital ~Evident to accelerate its growth and innovation~
Next-Generation OEM Objectives Enable Engineers to Develop the Scientific Instruments of Tomorrow
Our new MXPLFLN series objectives enable OEM and industrial microscopy users to take advantage of our cutting-edge manufacturing technology to obtain images with better flatness, higher resolution, and a long, 3 mm working distance at the same time.
Olympus Provi™ CM20 Wins Highest Honor in World-Renowned Design Competition
Easily Acquire Expert-Quality Images with the APEXVIEW™ APX100 All-in-One Microscope
EVIDENT Announces 2021 Global Image of the Year Award Winners
LC35 Digital Microscope Camera Delivers an Outstanding Value for Standard Brightfield Imaging
Olympus and evorion Join Forces to Advance Cell Therapy Research
Olympus Discovery Center Inaugurated at the University of Maryland
Olympus Discovery Center Brings Advanced Microscopy to Brain Research
New Olympus Discovery Center Opens to Advance Human Disease Research
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