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Multiphoton Imaging

Microscope System Solution

The Olympus' FluoView FVMPE-RS multiphoton imaging systems allow outstanding fluorescence imaging down into deep regions of the specimens.

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Microscope System/Frame

FVMPE-RS Upright Frame

  • Change observation conditions with ease, even during simultaneous patch clamp experiments.
  • The big focus stroke accommodates a wide range of specimens
  • Available for SHG and THG Observation
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FVMPE-RS Gantry Frame

  • Intravital multiphoton microscopy
  • Maximum workspace
  • Three-dimensional sample adjustment
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FVMPE-RS Inverted Frame

  • Inverted multiphoton microscopy
  • Ideal for 3D cultures and multicellular clusters (spheroids)
  • Improved Non-descanned Detection
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FVMPE-RS Multi Point and Mapping Software Module

  • Multi point scans
  • Mapping scans
  • Create activity maps
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FVMPE-RS Multi Area Time Lapse Software Module

  • Multi-area time-lapse
  • 3D mosaic imaging and stitching
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  • Optimized for multiphoton imaging.
  • Achieves high resolution 3D imaging through detection of fluorescence from the focal point of a big field of view.
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FVMPE-RS Add-on Reflected Two Channel GaAsP NDD

  • Adding sensitivity and flexibility
  • Cooled GaAsP PMT
  • Exchangeable filters
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  • Unique Triple Scanner setup
  • Stimulate your science
  • Wide choice of scan modes
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FVMPE-RS Analog Unit

  • Your interface to the hardware
  • External data processing via four additional channels
  • Output of scan timings and triggering
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FVMPE-RS Transmitted Two Channel NDD

  • Transmitted pathway with two channels
  • High NA condenser
  • High-performance multialkali PMT
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