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CH Series

In 1976, Olympus launched the CH Series, modular biological microscope series for practical laboratory teaching applications, in place of the KHS, KHC, HSB, and HSC.
The CH series could meet diverse needs because of its excellent performance and modular design. The series comprised three models: the CHA (6 V, 10 W halogen light source), CHB (20 W tungsten light source), and CHC (the mirror CH-MM or the CH-LSK with a simple 20 W illumination device). The series was painted in a warm gray color.
By switching modules, the microscope could be used for simple polarization, drawing, or incident light (metallurgical) microscopy. The CH series used the same modules as the BH series.
The CH series was marketed for 10 years, until the release of the CH2 series.

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