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  • alt.3d - A discussion of 3-d graphics problems, many of which are applicable to microscopy.
  • - Biotechnology Newsgroup that often has microscopy discussions.
  • sci.image.processing - This Newsgroup contains discussions about various aspects of video imaging and how images are processed in general. Great for video problems.
  • - Pathology Newsgroup with many questions and answers about microscopy problems, particularly with histochemical techniques.
  • sci.nanotech - Nanotechnology Newsgroup that features visitors from a wide range of disciplines within this exciting arena.
  • sci.techniques.microscopy - A Newsgroup forum that discusses the basic techniques and problems associated with various forms of microscopy.
  • sci.techniques.spectroscopy - Spectroscopy Newsgroup that often can be helpful with questions about analytical microscopy.
  • sci.techniques.xtallography - A forum for X-ray crystallography experts where readers can often find information or ask questions about microscopy.

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