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oct. 03 2019Journal of Cellular & Molecular Medicine

M Lunova, B Smolková, M Uzhytchak…

A key role for the novel coronary artery disease gene JCAD in atherosclerosis via shear stress mechanotransduction
oct. 02 2019Cardiovascular Research

Gillian Douglas, Vedanta Mehta, Ayman Al Haj Zen, Ioannis Akoumianakis, Anuj Goel, Victoria S. Rashbrook, Lucy Trelfa, Lucy Donovan, Edward Drydale, Surawee Chuaiphichai, Charalambos Antoniades, Hugh Watkins, Theodosios Kyriakou, Ellie Tzima, and Keith M. Channon

Essential roles of Windei and nuclear monoubiquitination of Eggless/SETDB1 in transposon silencing
oct. 02 2019EMBO Reports

Ken Osumi, Kaoru Sato, Kensaku Murano, Haruhiko Siomi, Mikiko C Siomi

ATF7IP regulates SETDB1 nuclear localization and increases its ubiquitination
oct. 02 2019EMBO Reports

Takeshi Tsusaka, Chikako Shimura, Yoichi Shinkai

Dual-Monitoring Glycosylation and Local pH in Live Cells by Metabolic Oligosaccharide Engineering with a Ratiometric Fluorescent Tag
oct. 01 2019Analytical Chemistry

Yan Wang, Nan Zhang, Shanshan Lu, Junyan Wang, Tao Bing, Xiangjun Liu, Chunyan Chen, Dihua Shangguan

Proteasome inhibitor induced SIRT1 deacetylates GLI2 to enhance hedgehog signaling activity and drug resistance in multiple myeloma
oct. 01 2019Oncogene

Ying Xie, Jing Liu, Hongmei Jiang, Jingya Wang, Xin Li, Jingjing Wang, Shuai Zhu, Jing Guo, Tao Li, Yuping Zhong, Qiguo Zhang & Zhiqiang Liu

Nucleotide sugar transporters of Entamoeba histolytica and Entamoeba invadens involved in chitin synthesis
oct. 01 2019Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology

Santoshi Nayak & Sudip K. Ghosh

Highly Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Fabrication of Robust, Programmable, and Biocompatible Anisotropic, All‐Cellulose, Wrinkle‐Patterned Hydrogels for Cell Alignment
sept. 30 2019Advanced Materials

Jie Zou, Shuangquan Wu, Jie Chen, Xiaojuan Lei, Qihua Li, Hui Yu, Shan Tang, Dongdong Ye

Double‐strand breakage in the extrachromosomal double minutes triggers their aggregation in the nucleus, micronucleation, and morphological transformation
sept. 30 2019Genes, Chromosomes, & Cancer

Yoshihiro Oobatake, Noriaki Shimizu

Luminescent Biofunctional Collagen Mimetic Nanofibers
sept. 27 2019ACS Omega

Xiuxia Sun, Manman He, Lang Wang, Liting Luo, Jie Wang, Jianxi Xiao

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