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2019年 2月 14日

Olympus EP50 Wireless (WLAN) Color Camera Engages Students in the Classroom While Facilitating Full Stand-Alone Applications

Today’s educational landscape is changing rapidly thanks to technological advances. Introducing wireless capabilities to science classrooms enables lecturers to teach and students to learn in an engaging digital environment that promotes teamwork. Equipped with a WLAN-capable Olympus EP50 camera, every microscope in a classroom becomes a wireless imaging system. Using its own WLAN signal*, the 5-megapixel camera can stream high-resolution images and full HD videos to mobile devices or WLAN enabled PCs and laptops. When wired LAN is required, the Olympus EP50 camera can also be integrated into network structures using a USB-to-Ethernet adaptor. Users can control the EP50 camera through the free EPview app for mobile devices and software for Windows PCs, offering annotating, measuring, image processing and sharing functionality. Additionally, the onboard imaging software enables the EP50 camera to be controlled without a computer or a mobile device in stand-alone mode.

In combination with the user’s smartphone**, tablet, laptop or PC, the Olympus EP50 color camera is a convenient, cost-effective teaching and general training solution. Users can access the signal of the camera’s wireless adaptor using a tablet or smartphone or with a WLAN-equipped PC or laptop running Windows 10 and control the EP50 camera through the EPview software. The software interface enables simple and intuitive operation. Up to six students at a time can work on one microscope equipped with an EP50 camera and discuss, learn about and store the camera image. Larger groups of students can also connect their mobile devices to multiple microscopes equipped with EP50 cameras using LAN network environments.


The camera encourages collaborative learning among students and lecturers through its flexible imaging options:

  • Share images and movies with the entire class:
    Simultaneous direct output of WLAN and HDMI makes it possible to broadcast images to a high-resolution monitor, projector or interactive whiteboard at the same time
  • Simplified learning process:
    Stand-alone configuration for individual student learning or sample documentation and inspection
  • Flexible controls:
    Comfortable control of the camera using three different options (EPview app for mobile devices, EPview for Windows OS, or the onboard OSD (On-Screen Display) software) offering image acquisition and display, basic measurements, annotation and sharing functionality

In addition to advanced wireless functionality, Olympus EP50 cameras* provide excellent image sharpness and brightness. The 5-megapixel resolution produces detailed, high-quality images of the specimen, while high frame rates (up to 60 fps) enable students to navigate through the specimen quickly.

*The camera is wireless enabled when equipped with the optional USB WLAN adaptor.
**The EPview app supports smartphones with iOS 11 and later and Android 5.1 and later operating systems

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Adding digital technologies, such as the Olympus EP50 camera with WLAN, to the educational environment makes students an interactive part of the lesson instead of inactive observers.

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