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Angela Vasaturo
Angela Vasaturo

Angela Vasaturo

Senior Field Application Scientist, Ultivue, Inc.

Hello, my name is Angela Vasaturo, the senior field application scientist at Ultivue. My passion for micro-biology and live-cell imaging began during my post-doc, where I was involved in the early development of multiplex IHC in Europe.
I built my expertise through extensive involvement in post-doc research focused on tumor immunology at the NCMLS in Nijmegen, NL, as well as during my position as Senior Researcher in Dr. Jerome Galon’s Laboratory of Integrative Cancer Immunology at the Cordeliers Research Center.

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Modern Slide Scanning: Single-cell Phenotyping on Fixed Samples (Encore Edition)

Flavio Giacobone
제품 마케팅 관리자
Alec De Grand
제품 관리자
Angela Vasaturo
Senior Field Application Scientist, Ultivue, Inc.
Get another chance to learn about the latest generation of slide scanners on November 18, when we replay our webinar with our Olympus experts Flavio and Alec. In this webinar, our experts will discuss how modern slide scanners can be a workhorse for your applications and how multiplexing can reveal much more information from a slide. With a guest expert from Ultivue, you’ll learn how single-cell phenotyping can dramatically improve the understanding of the dynamics in a sample, even if it is a fixed slide.
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