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DP20 firmware update

How to update the DP20 firmware

  1. Introduction
    This document explains how to update the DP20 firmware.
    * The update program is different for the DP20 and DP20-5. Before downloading the program, check the model number of your digital camera.
  2. What you need for the update procedure
    • A Compact Flash (CF) card to which the relevant update program has been copied
    • DP20
    • External monitor to connect the DP20
    Do NOT do any of the following, otherwise a malfunction or failure may occur:
    - Unplug the AC adaptor from the DP20 or unplug the power cable from the AC outlet.
    - Turn off the DP20 during the update process.
    - Remove the CF card inserted into the DP20.
  3. How to update the firmware
    [[1] Turn off the DP20 and connect the external monitor.
    [2] Insert the CF card containing the update program into the DP20.
    [3] While pressing and holding the [EXPOSE] button and the "Cross-Cursor button (▲) ", turn on the DP20. Keep pressing the buttons until the update screen appears on the monitor.
    Controller and Updata Screen
    [4] When the above update screen appears, release the buttons to start the update process. (It takes about 15 seconds.)
    [5] The process is completed when "-FLASH WRITE COMPLETED" is displayed (on two lines).
    During the update process, the CARD LED on the DP20 controller will be lit; it will go off when the process is completed.
    "-FLASH WRITE COMPLETED" is displayed (on two lines)
    [6] Confirm that the "-FLASH WRITE COMPLETED" message is displayed, then turn off the DP20.
    [7] Remove the CF card from the DP20.
    [8] Click here to make sure your DP20 was properly updated.

Note: The various settings of the DP20 will not be affected by the update.

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