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Application note “Quantifying Confluency of iPS Cell Colonies after Derivation"
The new DP74 color fluorescence camera captures realistic, high-quality images and has features that enable users to make their observations easily.
Olympus LC30 Color Microscope Camera Delivers Value and Performance
Application note "Entering the Era of 4K Microscopy"
Application note “Fluorescence, phase-contrast, and bioluminescence imaging of live cells incubated in plastic bottom dishes using a 20X high numerical aperture (NA) phase contrast objective lens”
Neue Funktionen: Messung der Zellkonfluenz und cellSens Mehrfach-Kamerasteuerung
Olympus FV3000 next generation confocal systems bring focused macro-to-micro capabilities for cancer, cell biology and stem cell imaging
Application note “Fast, Accurate Cell Counting for Feeder-free iPS Cells Using Automated Cell Counter Model R1”
Application note "Application of silicone immersion objectives to long-term live cell imaging of plant zygote embryogenesis"
Application note "Application of the Z-Drift Compensation System IX-ZDC to multidimensional cell-based assay at the single cell level"
Application note “Use of Low Chromatic Aberration Objective PLAPON60XOSC for Quadruple Immunofluorescence of Brain Tissue”
Application note "Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) Imaging of Changes in Membrane Morphology and Molecular Dynamics under the Cell Membrane with Olympus’ Z-drift Compensation System"
Newly designed ergonomic units for SZX series stereo microscopes allow the user to adopt a natural pose, boosting productivity and reducing the fatigue associated with microscope use.
Application note "Single-Molecule Fluorescence Imaging on the Cell Membrane"

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