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DP73 Color Camera

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This product has been discontinued, check out our current product DP75

With the latest technological innovations, the DP73 fully utilizes the objective’s resolving power to deliver unmatched, high-resolution imaging, especially at low magnifications and regardless of the imaging conditions. The DP73 benefits from Olympus’ experience in designing top-of-the-line professional DSLR cameras, with a range of features dedicated to providing clear and precise detail reproduction. The camera’s highly sensitive sensor and special "Wide Dynamic Range" mode, makes high quality imaging easy in all conditions. Producing great results with techniques from brightfield, contrast methods to fluorescence, the DP73 is ideal for all laboratory requirements. Scanning and focusing is simple and comfortable thanks to the new fluid high definition "Live" mode, while Olympus color rendering algorithms ensure that the colors displayed on the monitor accurately match those of the sample. Coupled with the Olympus cellSens software, which fully supports all of the camera’s innovative features , the DP73 produces dependable images, every time.

The DP73 is not for clinical diagnostic use.

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