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X Line Objectives Win a 2019 Laser Focus World Innovation Award

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Sample images take with Olympus X Line Objectives

What does it take to win a 2019 Laser Focus World Innovation Award? A design that breaks barriers.

In this post, we share how our commitment to delivering innovative solutions to our customers led to the creation of our award-winning X Line objectives.

What Is the Laser Focus World Innovation Award?

If you’re not familiar with the LFW Innovation Award, here’s a quick overview: it celebrates the most innovative optics and photonics technologies, products, and systems. Our microscope objectives earned silver status, which recognizes an innovation that led to marked improvement over previous products/systems, methods employed, and approaches taken.

Olympus X Line objectives win a 2019 Laser Focus World Innovation Award

Winning a 2019 LFW Innovation Award: Olympus’ Success Story

So, what was our unique approach to success?

For 100 years, Olympus has worked to provide high-quality optics to our customers. We were inspired to break long-standing optical barriers in microscopy and developed an advanced lens manufacturing technology that produces ultra-thin lenses. Then we built these newly designed lenses into our X Line series. The result? Simultaneously improved performance in three critical areas: image flatness, chromatic aberration correction, and numerical aperture.

To learn more about our revolutionary lens manufacturing process, watch the video below:

How our Award-Winning Microscope Objectives Help Researchers

Our X Line objectives provide multiple advantages for researchers today.

Olympus X Line objectives

With X Line optics, you can acquire brighter, higher-quality images with a larger field of view than our previous objectives. This helps scientists not only improve quantitative data acquisition but speed up the process of creating large, stitched images. Another benefit is accurate color reproduction, which is particularly important for lab workers who frequently work with stained samples.

To learn more about the microscopy benefits and see the difference for yourself, be sure to read our blog post, 3 Advantages of Using X Line Objectives.

Reflecting on our Commitment to Innovation

As you can guess, everyone across our organization is excited to receive the 2019 LFW Innovation Award. Lee Wagstaff, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Life Science, Olympus Corporation of the Americas, weighs in on the achievement:

“We are delighted to have received this honor.” “It demonstrates not only our commitment to improving customers’ workflows with our detailed attention to high-performing functionality but ushering a new era of technological optical advancements.”

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Dec 04 2019
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