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Amoeba (Protozoan) Videos


Amoeba Video #1
A shape-shifting amoeba looks like it's filled with confetti as it slides across the microscope field; under darkfield illumination at a magnification of 400x with a playing time of 36.4 seconds. Choose a playback format that matches your connection speed:

Amoebas are primitive organisms characterized by their flowing movements, extending cytoplasm outward to form pseudopodia (false feet); this type of movement is considered to be the most primitive form of animal locomotion. Pseudopodia are also used for feeding. In response to chemical stimuli from smaller organisms, pseudopodia are induced to envelop the organism, at the same time forming a vacuole (cavity). Digestive enzymes are secreted into the cavity and the nutrients diffuse from the vacuole into the cytoplasm. Undigested food and wastes are eliminated through the ectoplasm. The ectoplasm also performs respiration, absorbing oxygen from the water and eliminating carbon dioxide. Amoebas reproduce asexually by binary fission.

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