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Differential Interference Contrast Digital Image Gallery

Thin unstained, transparent specimens are excellent candidates for imaging with classical differential interference (DIC) microscopy techniques over a relatively narrow range (plus or minus one-quarter wavelength) of bias retardation. The digital images presented in this gallery represent a wide spectrum of specimens, which vary from unstained cells, tissues, and whole organisms to both lightly and heavily stained thin and thick sections. In addition, several specimens exhibiting birefringent character are included to demonstrate the kaleidoscopic display of color that arises when anisotropic substances are imaged with this technique.

  • TitleAmerican Dog Tick
  • TitleAmphipods
  • TitleHookworm
  • TitleAurelia Jellyfish
  • TitleCanine Tapeworm
  • TitleCat Testes Stained
  • TitleChicken Embryo
  • TitleChicken Embryo Lens
  • TitleChinese Liver Fluke
  • TitleChironomid Fly Larva
  • TitleSponge Fibers
  • TitleCtenoid Fish Scale
  • TitleCucumber Tapeworm
  • TitleCycloid Fish Scale
  • TitleDeer Tick
  • TitleDesmid Algae
  • TitleDiatom Frustule
  • TitleDigenetic Trematode
  • TitleDown Feathers
  • TitleEarthworm Muscles
  • TitleEarthworm Nerves
  • TitleEuchlanis Rotifer
  • TitleAdipose Tissue
  • TitleFern Leaves
  • TitleFrog Heart Muscle
  • TitleFrog Testes
  • TitleFungus Fruiting Bodies
  • TitleHuman Cerebrum
  • TitleCheek Epithelial Cells
  • TitleHuman Erythrocytes
  • TitleHuman Flea
  • TitleHydatid Cysts
  • TitleMuntjac Deer Skin
  • TitleIntestinal Fluke
  • TitleIntestine Thin Section
  • TitleJellyfish Sensors
  • TitleKapok Fibers
  • TitleKevlar Fibers
  • TitleLancelets
  • TitleLancelet
  • TitleLily Flower Buds
  • TitleLone Star Tick
  • TitleMammalian Liver
  • TitleMoss Antheridia
  • TitleMoss Bulbils
  • TitleMouse Kidney
  • TitleMushroom Fungus
  • TitleNucleic Acid Stains
  • TitleObelia Hydroid
  • TitlePennaria Hydrozoa
  • TitlePine Tree Pollen
  • TitlePlanaria Cross Section
  • TitlePolypropylene Fibers
  • TitleMan-of-War Tentacles
  • TitleRagweed Pollen
  • TitleRocky Mtn. Wood Tick
  • TitleHuman Cerebellum
  • TitleSpirogyra Algae
  • TitleSponge Skeleton
  • TitleLiver Fluke Eggs
  • TitleStained Hydra
  • TitleSun Animalcules
  • TitleTaenia Tapeworm
  • TitleTimothy Grass Pollen
  • TitleTrematode Rediae
  • TitleTriacetate Fibers
  • TitleTubifex Worms
  • TitleVas Deferens
  • TitleVorticella Ciliates
  • TitleWater Flea
  • TitleWhipworm Eggs
  • TitleWild Silk Fibers
  • TitleZygnema Algae

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