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Clinical Microscopes

Clinical microscopes are ideally suited for everyday pathology research and laboratory work. Our selection includes clinical microscopes with ergonomic designs to help you stay comfortable while examining samples, as well as semi-motorized clinical microscopes for flexible and customizable use. Our clinical microscopes feature True Color LED illumination, so you can clearly view the colors important in your work. Explore our range of clinical microscopes to find the ideal option for your laboratory.

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Clinical Microscopes

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Semi-Motorized Fluorescence Microscope


  • High-luminosity True Color LED illumination
  • Modular concept enables individual components to be motorized
  • Easily acquire multi-color fluorescence images
Clinical Microscope


  • Unrivalled ergonomic design
  • World´s first tilting, telescopic, lifting tube
  • Ultra-low fixed stage
Manual System Microscope


  • True Color LED illumination
  • Light intensity manager
  • Allows easy contrast management

Clinical Microscope FAQs

What is clinical microscopy?

Clinical microscopy is the observation and analysis of bodily fluids and tissues. Clinical microscopy is commonly used in medical research laboratories.

What are clinical microscopes used for?

Clinical microscopes are well suited for everyday laboratory work, including the study of bodily fluids and pathology research. Our clinical microscopes feature ergonomic designs, making them perfect for extended use in the laboratory.

How much does a clinical microscope cost?

We offer a range of clinical microscopes that vary in price. If you would like to learn how much our clinical microscopes cost, contact us today.

Clinical Microscopy Resource Videos

High-Luminosity True Color LED

The LED illuminator for the BX53 microscope is equivalent to or better than a 100-watt halogen lamp, delivering brightness that’s appropriate for teaching or contrast methods.

DP23/DP28 Color Cameras

As clinical microscope accessories, the DP28 and DP23 cameras capture the full potential of your microscope, so you can work more productively, collaboratively, and comfortably.

X Line™ High-Performance Objectives

Pair our clinical microscopes with X Line objectives for enhanced image quality and resolution over a large field of view.

cellSens™ Imaging Software

This video shows you how to use cellSens imaging software to efficiently analyze images from clinical laboratory microscopes.

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