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Automated Fluorescence Microscope


  • Fully motorized system allows automation of complex multidimensional experiments
  • The accurate motorized Z-drive
  • High stability due to fixed stage design
Semi-Motorised Fluorescence Microscope


  • High luminosity true color LED illumination
  • Modular concept enables individual components to be motorized
  • Easily acquire multi-color fluorescence images
Manual System Microscope


  • True color LED illumination
  • Light intensity manager
  • Allows easy contrast management
Clinical Microscope


  • Unrivalled ergonomic design
  • World´s first tilting, telescopic, lifting tube
  • Ultra-low fixed stage
Biological Microscope


  • Ergonomic design
  • Ideal for versatile application
  • Long lifetime LED illumination
Biological Microscope


  • Ergonomic design
  • Long lifetime LED illumination
Biological Microscope


  • Diverse, User-Friendly Design
  • Outstanding Optical Performance
  • Long lifetime LED illumination
Polarizing Microscope


  • A full-featured polarizing microscope
  • Sharper images with UIS2 optics
  • Ergonomically designed for research use
Fixed Stage Microscope


  • Ideally suited to brain-slice and in-vivo electrophysiology
  • Water immersion optics designed for electrophysiological applications
  • Stability and reliability due to fixed stage concept
Fixed-Stage Post Microscope

OpenStand Microscope Frame

  • Modular framed design
  • Reliable results with expanded design
  • Olympus and Prior Scientific collaboration

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