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Olympus upright microscopes offer high-quality imaging for life science and clinical research. With world-class Olympus microscope optics, you can expect high-resolution, high-contrast microscopy imagery for viewing, insight, and analysis.

Ergonomic, flexible, and easy to use, the highly versatile Olympus upright microscope range provides precise operations and fast, efficient image capture with true color LED illumination. There are a range of upright microscopes available to suit a variety of users and application needs, from automated upright fluorescence microscopes for complex multidimensional experiments to fixed stage microscopes, ideally suited to brain slice and in vivo electrophysiology. For clinical research, our upright microscopes offer accurate color reproduction for cytology and pathology research as well as outstanding image quality for routine clinical lab testing.


Upright Microscopes

전동 형광 현미경


  • 완전 자동식 시스템을 통한 복잡한 다차원 실험의 자동화
  • 정확한 전동식 Z 드라이브
  • 고정 스테이지 설계로 인한 높은 안정성
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반전동식 형광 현미경


  • 고광도 트루 컬러 LED 조명
  • 모듈식 개념을 통한 개별 부품의 전동화
  • 멀티 컬러 형광 이미지를 간편하게 획득
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수동 시스템 현미경


  • 트루 컬러 LED 조명
  • 조도 관리자
  • 간편한 대비 관리
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임상 현미경


  • 타의 추종을 불허하는 인체공학적 설계
  • 세계 최초 틸팅, 텔레스코픽, 리프팅 튜브
  • 초저 고정 스테이지
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생물 현미경


  • 인체공학적 설계
  • 다재다능한 응용에 이상적
  • 장수명 LED 조명
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생물 현미경


  • 인체공학적 설계
  • 장수명 LED 조명
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생물 현미경


  • 다양한, 사용자 친화적인 설계
  • 뛰어난 광학적 성능
  • 장수명 LED 조명
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편광 현미경


  • 완전한 기능을 갖춘 편광 현미경
  • UIS2 광학으로 더 선명한 이미지
  • 연구 용도의 인체공학적 설계
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고정 스테이지 현미경


  • 뇌 절편 및 체내 전기생리학에 이상적으로 적합
  • 전기생리학적 응용을 위해 설계된 수분 침지 광학
  • 고정 스테이지 개념으로 인한 안정성 및 신뢰성
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고정식 스테이지 포스트 현미경

OpenStand Microscope Frame

  • 모듈식 프레임 설계
  • 확대 설계로 신뢰할 만한 결과
  • Olympus와 선행 연구 협업
Asbestos Measurement Microscope


  • Suitable for various types of asbestos observation
  • Easy to measure/record with digital cameras
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Upright Microscope FAQs

What are the applications of upright microscopes?

Upright microscopes are used in life sciences and cell biology for phase contrast, brightfield, darkfield, differential interference contrast (DIC), polarization, or fluorescence microscopy of slide samples. Upright microscopes can also be used in the microscopy of fixed cells or tissue samples.

How does an upright microscope work?

In an upright microscope, the light source and condenser are located beneath the stage and, therefore, the specimen. Light is transmitted through the sample from below, and it can then be viewed from above with an ocular lens.

While with an inverted microscope, gravity naturally causes cells to sink to the bottom and adhere to the coverslip, when using an upright microscope for cell biology applications, the samples are instead squeezed between the coverslip and a slide. This allows the sample to be successfully viewed and analyzed with the upright microscope from above.

Upright Microscope Resource Videos

Olympus BX3 Upright Microscope Product Introduction

This video takes a closer look at the Olympus BX3 upright microscope, offering an automatic light intensity manager, user-friendly controls, and the lowest stage on the market.

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