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Microscope System Solution

Unrivalled ergonomic design principles define the BX46 and make it the ideal system for efficient daily use. Excellent UIS2 optics show the sample as it really is, with unique true-colour LED illumination and perfect colour rendering by Olympus cameras. Intuitive workflow-oriented software makes the system exceptionally easy to use, reducing training requirements, while the durable hardware results in microscope systems optimised for clinical applications.

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Microscope System/Frame


  • Unrivalled ergonomic design
  • World´s first tilting, telescopic, lifting tube
  • Ultra-low fixed stage
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  • High luminosity true color LED illumination
  • Modular concept enables individual components to be motorized
  • Easily acquire multi-color fluorescence images
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  • Easy acquisition of multi-color fluorescence images
  • Modular concept allows motorization of individual components
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  • True color LED illumination
  • Light intensity manager
  • Allows easy contrast management
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  • Quick whole slide scanning
  • Highest resolution scanning
  • Data management and remote access with NISSQL
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  • 2.8-megapixel color CCD
  • Fast high-quality imaging for conferences and teaching
  • Fast USB3.0 connection
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  • Deliver high quality color images of live specimens at full 60fps
  • New Position Navigator function enable us to know the location of interest easily even high magnification observation
  • Cooled CMOS sensor enables sharp florescence images with low noise
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  • 5 megapixel color CCD
  • High quality color and fidelity with high pixel resolution for documentation
  • Optimized contrast and color modes for brightfield observations
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  • Modular Imaging software platform
  • Intuitive application driven user interface
  • Broad feature set ranging from simple snapshot to advanced multi-dimensional real-time experiments
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