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Super Resolution Microscopes

Olympus super resolution microscopes offer ultrafast imaging speeds to quickly reveal super resolution details in 3D samples and live cell experiments. Check out our IXplore SpinSR microscope system, which enables prolonged cell viability in time-lapse experiments. Acquire sharp super resolution microscopy images with less blurring even in thick samples.

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Super Resolution Microscopes

Confocal Super Resolution for All Live Cell Samples

IXplore SpinSR

Achieve high-level super resolution 3D imaging down to 120 nm XY with the IXplore SpinSR confocal super resolution microscope. Its spinning disk system limits both phototoxicity and bleaching, providing imaging conditions conducive to live specimens. Easily switch between widefield, confocal, and super resolution as needed with a click of a button. The IXplore SpinSR can create accurate 3D reconstructions thanks to our high NA silicone immersion objective, which can minimize spherical aberration.

  • Super resolution down to 120 nm XY resolution
  • Prolonged cell viability in confocal time-lapse imaging due to less phototoxicity and bleaching
  • Switch between widefield, confocal, and super resolution with one click
  • Super resolution imaging with the world’s first plan apochromat objectives with a numerical aperture (NA) of 1.5*

* As of November 2018. According to Olympus research.

Single Molecule Localization Microscopy

Abbelight SAFe Systems

  • Super Resolution at the molecular level, down to 10 nm
  • Access a range of SMLM modalities and TIRF with one system
  • Use as a standalone system, or add on to an existing widefield or confocal microscope
  • Intuitive software and expert support to get meaningful results quickly

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