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Support Biopsy Efficiency with the Simplified Operation of the IX73 Inverted Microscope

The Challenge

With objectives of lowering the miscarriage rate and improving the implantation rate, preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) is rising in popularity worldwide; therefore, the number of embryo biopsies performed is increasing accordingly.

In an embryo biopsy, some cells are removed from the embryo under an inverted microscope using relief contrast observation. The appropriate contrast adjustment is required to determine the location to irradiate the laser and the suction the cells, but complex microscope operations can cause user fatigue.

Olympus’ Solution to Improve the Efficiency of the Biopsy Workflow

Olympus’ relief contrast enables observation of 3-dimensional oocytes in plastic dishes. Since the relief contrast imaging is unaffected by the polarizing effect of the plastic dish, you can clearly view the oocyte zona pellucida to check its condition.

In addition, the dedicated remote hand switch of the IX73 semi-motorized system makes it easy to achieve suitable contrast and magnification/condenser settings with the push of a button. Streamlining the microscope operation to a minimum enables users to concentrate on the delicate biopsy manipulations, which require careful attention. Since the motorized operation using the hand switch reduces user intervention above the stage, it also decreases the risk of accidentally touching the sample or needle of the injector.


Remote hand switch

画像提供元: Cooper Surgical, Inc.

Samples and images data are courtesy of Cooper Surgical Inc.

Summary of the IX73 Semi-Motorized System’s Advantages for Embryo Biopsies

The IX73 system’s remote hand switch simplifies and streamlines microscope operations, supporting reliable and efficient embryo biopsies. The improved microscope operation workflow helps you manage the increased embryo biopsy workload.

Comment by Dr. Watanabe

When performing an embryo biopsy using the IX73 semi-motorized system, I am impressed by the smooth control of the magnification and laser system with the dedicated hand switch. In the past, when changing the magnification, we had to touch the condenser and objective lens, which required careful operation. I, like many users, have experienced shaking the microscope by accidentally touching it too forcefully. The IX73 semi-motorized system enables you to perform these operations by lightly pressing a switch without touching the microscope, so you can focus more on the embryo biopsy itself.

This application note was prepared with the help of the following researcher:
Dr. Hideaki Watanabe
Sugiyama Clinic Shinjuku
Center for Reproductive Medicine and Implantation Research


IIX3-ICSI/IMSI inverted microscope

Productos usados para esta aplicación

Plataforma ICSI/IMSI


El sistema IX3-ICSI está diseñado para facilitar el uso de la inyección intracitoplasmática de espermatozoides (ICSI) como parte del proceso de fertilización (IFV) in vitro. El método de contraste de relieve de Olympus permite la observación 3D de oocitos/ovocitos en placas de plástico para verificar la condición de la zona pelúcida. El sistema semimotorizado IX3 presenta un conmutador manual específico para la ICSI; este último carga de manera instantánea el método de observación y la magnificación mediante una simple pulsación. Use el método de polarización para observar el huso mitótico y su posición con el fin de confirmar la madurez del oocito/ovocito y evitar daños durante la inyección y el método de contraste de interferencia que permite usar la inyección de esperma seleccionado morfológicamente intracitoplásmica (IMSI).

  • Optimizado para un proceso ICSI más fácil
  • Fácil verificación de la condición de los ovocitos a través de la visualización del huso mitótico
  • Racionalización de los pasos de la ICSI a través de una operación motorizada

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