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Differential Interference Contrast

Differential Interference Contrast - Java Tutorial

This tutorial is designed to simulate the effects of polarizer rotation on image formation in a Senarmont-compensation differential interference contrast (DIC) virtual microscope.

To operate the tutorial, use the "Polarizer Angle" slider to adjust the rotation of the polarizer with respect to other optical components of the system. Adjusting this slider produces changes in specimen contrast that are apparent in the microscope port. The radio buttons can be used to insert a retardation into the light path between the polarizers and the sample. When the retardation plate is inserted, the specimen produces a brilliant combination of colors, and when it is removed, the specimen drops color to produce a black and white image. The pull-down menu is used to change samples.

Contributing Authors

Mortimer Abramowitz - Olympus America, Inc., Two Corporate Center Drive., Melville, New York, 11747.

Kirill I. Tchourioukanov and Michael W. Davidson - National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, 1800 East Paul Dirac Dr., The Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, 32310.

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